Q. Who prepares my tax return?

A. Your return will pass through 3 stages; Assessment, Preparation, and Approval. The Preparation stage is completed by licensed (EA, CPA) tax preparer. The Approval stage is completed by a senior tax specialist (EA, CPA) with a minimum 8 years experience in international US tax preparation.

Q. Who can I speak to during the process for help?

A. Our Client Services Team are available 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and will be on hand to help you at any stage.

Q. How do I get started?

A. It’s easy! Go to the plan above that you think best suits your needs. Click on the “Start Now | Pay Later” button and complete the questionnaire. 
Don’t worry about selecting the incorrect program. 
Our Delivery Team will always work out the lowest fee for you, no matter which plan you select.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Once we have all your information, you can expect prepared tax returns within 5-7 working days. 
Allow around 10-12 days for the IRS Streamlined Amnesty program.

7,877 successfully filed IRS tax returns and counting…

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